Electrical Regulations

To respond with appropriate IP protection to installation requirements.

Hygienic Regulations

To allow for adequate hygienic conditions in the production activities.

Metric Regulations

To comply with the weighing regulations.


The institute of Corporate Responsibility is characterised by the voluntary adoption of responsible and ethically correct behaviour that goes beyond the regulatory requirements. 
ORIPAN is at your side in helping you to adopt virtuous behaviour in compliance with the current laws.

Touch Tower v.20 ATEX

22″ Touch Wide Screen, RFID reader and multiple weighing systems included

The Touch Tower v.20 consists of a monolithic stainless steel structure equipped with a static cooling system and the necessary electronics components for its management. It is able to provide the end user with an industrial PC or server platform with high electrical protection capabilities (IP67) and specific requirements for installation in industrial environments.

The cooling system optimizes the operation in continuous duty in a temperature range from +5 to +45°C. The machine does not require any special maintenance; its operation is monitored by a PLC and an HMI panel that warns the operator of any anomalies and, if activated, a report via email will notify the system administrator.

All these characteristics make TouchTower the ideal tool for the bake industry where electrical regulations require high degrees of protection and restrictive hygienic regulations penalize the use of equipment with forced ventilation.


Patented cooling system from +5 °C to +45°C continuos duty.


Integrated RFID reader for operator recognition and production progress tracking.


Integrated scales with connection of up to 8 independent load cells.


The structure is completely made of Aisi 304 stainless steel with Scotch- Brite finish.