Dosage and Production

Integrated management among raw material warehouses, silos and production machines for infallible traceability.

Quality and Packaging

Advanced quality control system and management of dough batches on packaging.

Integrated maintenance in the production “GANTT”, machine downtime and spare parts warehouse.

Integrated into the Siemens Energy Manager, it provides the energy cost per production batch.

OFS-Oripan Factory System

OFS is an M.E.S. system for production management, supervision and integration of the whole company structure in the bakery industry.

The aim of OFS is to bring innovation within the production system of each company, always having  available the data and the production KPI to improve flexibility and efficiency, contain and manage costs, optimize maintenance and maximize the yield of raw materials.

Full production control.

Compact multi-function scale.

Identification of powder ingredients.

Industry 4.0 
Your turnkey project

Raw materials saved using Oripan weighing systems

Thanks to the tolerance control and the interface that guides the operator through manual dosing operations, the Oripan weighing systems allow to eliminate oversold quantities and human errors, therefore defective batches. All this without altering in any way the operations of the dosing crew.

Ingredients expenses
percentage of savings
total saved

The values indicated are by way of example. The calculation was made on an annual basis and refers to an internal study carried out on a sample of clients.

Working hours saved by using the OFS system

The hours of work considered include annual time savings in integration with the information systems already present in the company and in efficiency and automation of the processes of inventory and material procurement, traceability and traceability of ingredients, activities related to quality control and HACCP.


The numbers indicated refer to an internal study carried out on a sample of clients.

OFS modules  -Oripan Factory System-

OFS management application, developed with a user-friendly web front-end through which you can have control over the entire production.

It assists the operator to start production and ingredient dosing operations. It performs automatic stock alignment and traceability of dosed raw material lots.

Interconnection and integration of the machines of the entire production line in accordance with industry 4.0 principles for real time tracking and production monitoring.

Management of goods arrival, lots registration and handling of raw materials in production. Management of finished product warehouses with labeling and pallet places management.

Print customizable finished product labels with automatic calculation of nutritional values and allergens. Print pallet labels for logistics management.

Planning of the production plan and associated resources. Level I and II MRP related to the production scheduler.

Through OriWeb a series of dashboards for each business unit is available with the main KPIs of production, costing and plants OEE.

Management of finished product data sheets, multi-language and fully customisable.

Customer orders management, material picking via hand PC and automatic transport document registration.

Operator recognition, micro ingredient dose preparation, production progress tracking via RFID and barcode.

All the main industrial communication protocols are integrated in the solution.

Rest APIs available for easy integration between OFS and the ERP system in use by the customer.

Partners & Group

On September 06, 2019 Sancassiano, Technology Unlimited and Oripan established a Confederation of Companies, answering the growing request for integrated knowledge in complex processes.


Some testimonials from our customers: their satisfaction always comes first for us.

Innovation, traceability management and process control. All this was made possible thanks to Francesco and his team of professionals, with whom a wonderful collaboration and friendship was born.

Pietro Minisci

Valle Fiorita Catering srl

With the OFS Oripan system we have optimized all work processes, quality, traceability and picking.

Vassalli + Oripan = 4.0

Marco Ferri

Vassalli srl

I never thought I would reach these levels of control over the production process in bakery: thanks to Oripan, now I can say I have the company just a click away.

Roberto Tosello

Fresco Pane srl