Designed for continuous operation, essential to guarantee production.


Touch-designed system for use without keypad, easy cleaning and zero maintenance.


Designed for man-machine interface, it speeds up industrial production operations.

The best functionality and design combined together.

An advanced design study on industrial hygiene, regulations and usability.


Reducing water and detergent use

Reducing cross-contamination

Reducing cleaning time

MiniTouch  Hygienic

Hygienic line

Designed according to the guidelines of the ‘3A’ standard; awaiting certification.

Electrical Markings

In addition to the CE marking, MiniTouch can be supplied in ATEX and UL versions.

Integrated RFID reader

An integrated 13.56Mhz RFID reader speeds up the acquisition of dough and product TAGs.

Weighing systems

Two or more weighing systems can be integrated into the Minitower for the management of new or existing weighing platforms.

Where and why to use it

Mixing room
Ofs Oricontrol

Weighing system for ingredients.

Plant control
Ofs Oricontrol

Quality control in production.

Ofs Oriprint

Quality control in packaging.