Integration with Production Gantt

Maintenance plans and downtime integrated into the production Gantt for better planning.

Asset Management

Spare parts, PPE, risk factors and equipment required to carry out maintenance associated with each asset. 

Spare parts warehouse

It allows management of costs, loads and unloads, and traceability of spare parts.

OFS maintenance module

Maintenance, spare parts and downtime integrated in OFS.


Within the maintenance module, all assets in the company can be managed, from production systems and machines to computers and printers to fire extinguishers.


Each maintainer can be equipped with a workstation to manage scheduled interventions or incidents in the field.


The maintenance module, which is fully integrated into the OFS MES, communicates the machine stops to the Gantt and schedules the routine maintenance.

Maintenance just a click away

Rugged Industrial IP67A Tablets

Rugged industrial IP67 tablets

Ideal for industrial production environments, they integrate ruggedness, speed and reliability in use. Industrial rugged tablets are the most effective and economical solution in all industrial applications where a robust and reliable mobile HMI system is required.

With IP67 rugged construction, a 9800mAh battery that provides over two days of operation under standard usage conditions, and the powerful MTK MT6771 CPU, the tablets amply meet the needs of almost any application.

The large 8″ display with multitouch capacitive touch screen and the Android 10 operating system allow them to be used for the most common tasks. The integrated GPS, LTE 4G functionality, front and rear camera and gyroscope make the tablet ready for even the most demanding applications requiring full hardware.