Electrical Regulations

To respond with appropriate IP protection to installation requirements.

Hygienic Regulations

To allow for adequate hygienic conditions in the production activities.

Metric Regulations

To comply with the weighing regulations.


The institute of Corporate Responsibility is characterised by the voluntary adoption of responsible and ethically correct behaviour that goes beyond the regulatory requirements. ORIPAN is at your side in helping you to adopt virtuous behaviour in compliance with the current laws.

MiniTouch V20 ATEX

12.1″ wide touch screen, RFID reader and up to two integrated weighing systems

MiniTouch is a compact stainless steel scale equipped with a 12.1″ industrial Touch Screen PC, Windows 10 Embedded, integrated UPS and metrically homologated weighing system.

On all models there is a weighing system with the weighing plate at the top of the device. It is also possible to insert a second independent weighing system that can be used through a weighing plate placed outside the device. It can be equipped with different OFS software modules depending on the needs.


New super capacitor technology allows input current stabilization and ATEX certification of the device.


Load capacities from 1 gr to 15 kg are available. Thanks to the double plate, ingredients dosed in very different quantities can be weighted.


MiniTouch can be used to perform both quantitative and qualitative quality control thanks to its compactness and versatility.


Integrated RFID reader for operator recognition and production progress tracking.